Weight Training for Keeping Young

weightliftingWhile aging is something we can’t avoid, there are ways to keep it at bay and remain vibrant and active.  One of the main ways of doing this is to start and maintain a weightlifting program.

Some people have health conditions that keep them from lifting heavy weights, but research has shown you don’t need to lifting the heavy weights to keep your body in peak condition.  The key is starting a program, no matter how light the weights you use.

When you decide to start a weightlifting program, you must find out what weights you can lift comfortably for 10 reps.  This will require time as you use a trial and error method for each body part.  It is important that you work all different muscles because avoiding certain muscle groups can lead to an imbalance with certain muscles becoming weaker while other muscles become stronger.

This imbalance of muscle groups can lead to injuries so don’t avoid any group of muscles.  Many people develop muscle strains or injuries because they don’t want to work certain muscles.  Hamstrings are muscles that are often avoided and that is why many people struggle with hamstring injuries.

When you plan out you lifting regimen, you want to focus on different muscle groups for certain days.  For example, you could work out the lower body muscles on alternating days and on the days you are not working the lower body, you will be working your upper body.

One of the more common problems is lifting too much and not giving your body a day or two to rest.  Nonstop lifting without days of rest leads to muscle exhaustion and common strains and injuries.  This will also prevent you from making progress in gaining strength and size.

Plan your weightlifting program, start light and keep it up.  You will be amazed at the results.