Vitamin D Supplement in Winter

imagesMore and more research has shown how important vitamin D is to your health and in winter months with little sunlight, it is vital that you take a vitamin D supplement.

In the summer we can get a lot of our vitamin D needs from the sun, but in the winter we can’t absorb the necessary vitamin D because the sun is so far south and sunlight hours are limited.  That is unless you spend winters in the southern hemisphere.

Turns out that vitamin D plays a critical role in keeping our immune system strong, along with maintaining healthy bones and mental clarity.

What is great about vitamin D supplements is the low cost.  There are no other important supplements that are so inexpensive, so there is no excuse for not using a supplement.  The cost is just pennies a day.

The amount of vitamin D you need daily depends on your age, the amount of sunlight you get daily, and and underlying health issues.  While the RDA for vitamin D is 600 IU’s daily, it had been only 400 IU until recently.  But even 600 IU is woefully low for most people.

The only way to find out if you have low vitamin D levels is to have a blood test.  You might need to supplement up to several thousand IU’s  of vitamin D to get your levels to where they should be.

The correct type of vitamin D you need is vitamin D3, so make sure you are getting the right kind.  With the cheap price of supplementing with vitamin D, you have no excuse not be using this wonder vitamin to improve your health.


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