Its Time to Start a Fitness Program

Image    Fitness has become more than a random task for most health conscious people today.  It can be a way of life for those wanting to fight off father time and keep as much of their youthfulness as possible.

The number of fitness programs out there is mind-boggling and it is a multi-million dollar industry. The funny thing is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep fit.  A simple walking regimen will do nicely for starters and you can work your way up to more advanced programs.

How young is too young to start a fitness plan?  There is no age minimum when it comes to health and the younger you start the better.  But there is also no age maximum either, so don’t think if you are a senior citizen you are too old to start a program.  If Jack LaLanne at age 70 could tow 70 boats with 70 people a mile and a half in the water while being handcuffed and shackled, you shouldn’t have any excuses.

The best time to start a fitness plan is now.  Procrastination is the bane of many people who want to get into better shape.  There are a thousand excuses why people keep putting off a fitness plan.  They are too busy with work, family, or they just haven’t found the right plan.

Take the first step and start walking – even a few block to start out if you have health issues.  Of course it is important to consult with your doctor if you have health issues so you don’t overdo it or do some activities you shouldn’t be attempting.

Brainstorming what kind of program you want is a great idea that could open up new possibilities for you.  Seek input from friends, athletes or do some research online.  Find a plan that is right for you.  You can always change it and that is a good idea because many people get bored with the same routine and end up cutting back or completely quitting.  Then its back to the couch potato life with chips and sweets.

Do you know what your resting heart rate is?  How long does it take you to walk or jog a mile?  How many push-ups and sit-ups can you do?  These are questions you need to know and then try and improve on them.

Stop now and take the time to make a commitment to start a fitness program tomorrow.  Your body and your mental outlook will thank you.



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